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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 30, 2010 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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early morning fire has taken the lives of three people including a young child. fire investigators bereave they know how it all started. a dangerous combination, high speed and black ice caused sliding moments for drivers in vellejo this morning. i'm tara moriarty, we have an officer-involved shooting. the third one to happen in the bay area in the past 24 hours. we will investigate coming up. a search is about to get underway for a missing snow border in lake tahoe, why family members say there is added concern for her safety. mornings on 2 starts now.
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good morning welcome to mornings on 2, i'm kraig debro. >> i'm tori campbell. it is thursday, december 30th. we are following developing news out of oakland where three people died in an early morning fire at an apartment building. the fire broke out just before 2:00 this morning on 82nd avenue. claudine wong learned from firefighters a possible cause of the fire. good morning claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning. investigators have been here all morning sifting through what is left of this apartment and the picture that the details that have been coming out paint of a tragic situation. this family lived on the second floor of the apartment building on 82nd avenue. the family had power shut off. they used extension cords and
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that cost them their lives. the flames were coming out of the window this morning. it started before 2:00 o'clock. they found heavy fire in the living room. firefighters say a neighbor helped a 7-year-old little girl who made it out on her own. the little girl's mother, 3- year-old sister and a male friend died in the fire. >> they were all unconscious and nonresponsive when we pulled them out. i'm going to assume they were overcome by the smoke. we do all the protocols and give them every chance they have. sometimes you can't bring them back. >> reporter: again this appears to be a terp accident caused by a bunch of extension cords routed in to the room. we know there were no smoke detecters anywhere in this building, nothing to alert the family or other tenants of the deadly fire. investigators telling us pg&e shut the power off to the apartment earlier this month.
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>> we found the fire unit on the second floor, the electricity was disconnected by pga december 2nd. a extension cord was run to another unit that's what the family was using for power. the building is bank owned. >> reporter: two other units were occupied at the time of the fire. in a back second floor unit a 59-year-old woman and her 19 year-old daughter, they jumped from the second floor window to escape and are in the hospital. they have a broken heel and ankle. in the back there is another unit where a family of four lived. a woman, her 20-year-old son, 15-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. they were able to get out on their own and left the scene after learning of the fatalities. it's unclear who was actually legally living in this bank owned building that is something investigators are looking in to. as you come back out here live you can see the street has been
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opened back up. police who had shut down the street left. fire is on the scene now. they are waiting for a board up company to board up this apartment. again, just a tragic situation out here in east oakland. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. over the past hour, we learned what was believed to be an oil spill in va lay vellejo was black ice. it was reported after a red mustang drove over it and slid in to an embankment along the road. >> when it gets this cold you have to drive careful, especially when you see anything shiny. you got to be very careful. this area is currently known for people sliding all over especially when it gets cold. >> our photographer witnessed another car slamming in to a pole along the side of the road. you see the back tire at a
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terrible angle. the best thing to do when you hit a patch of black ice is let off the accelerator and avoid hitting the brakes. oakland police are investigating a officer involved shooting. tara moriarty is live this morning with the details and an explanation of why. >> reporter: one person is dead, one person wounded and an investigation is underway to try to figure out how it happened. here is what we know, oakland police are handling the investigation. it was a san leandro police officer who pulled the trigger. the car chase started over here, past this intersection here would be considered san leandro. once the chase went on and past this intersection, this becomes oakland. it ended with the shooting happening here a few yards away. a man and a woman were allegedly driving a stolen
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jaguar and led authorities on the brief chase. once they crossed the intersection, it happened at 10:30 last night. witnesses say the jaguar skidded and you can see some chalk marks outlining the path on the street. it crashed in to a parked car and that's when the suspects got out and gunfire erupted. neighbors say they heard 9 shots and we are told that the female suspect was shot and killed by a male officer. the male suspect was also wounded but suffered nonlife threatening injuries. this comes on the heels of two other officer-involved shootings, the most recent in san francisco, a 15-year-old girl called 911 and when authorities arrived they found a man with a knife and they fired shots at the suspect killing him. community members are also holding a meeting to talk about it. yesterday morning in san jose there was another officer
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involved shooting on locust street. all three of the incidents happened within the past 24 hours. i'm sure there will be a lot of questions from neighbors as well as other community members. we are here live in oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:06, the search for a missing snow border set to resume any moment now after an overnight helicopter search failed to find her. authorities say 25-year-old shawnte willis was seen tuesday near the boundary lines at the top of alpine meadow. crews using a black hawk were brought in last night once the weather got clear enough using infrared technology to find her. the sheriff's office says willis went outside the boundarys. despite the harsh conditions, there is reason to hope she is alive. >> we had many searches and incidents where people have been in conditions for four our five or six days.
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>> willis had warm clothing and a helmet and a basic knowledge of survival skills. her family is hopeful but worried because she has epilepsy which can be brought on by stress. the weather is clear but cold, it's five degrees at the base. 40 searchers and five helicopters are due to set out momentarily to find her again. we will have another live report by phone from the sierra coming up in about an hour from now. 189,000 bay area pga customers lost electricity yesterday but been restored this morning. we spoke to pg&e 30 minutes ago, they say there is a new outage they are dealing with now. 470 customers without power in the east bay. 450 of those are in the pittsburgh area. pg&e is investigating what caused the outage. they are not sure what time the power will be restored. today crews will clear a trunk of a 90-foot tall
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eucalyptus tree. it fell on a ranch. it was knocked over by high winds and crashed in to the cab of a cattle truck. the drive was in the truck at the time, but he was getting ready to load cattle but not hurt. los angeles area continues to be pounded by winds this morning they are expected to last until noon. the winds are hampering efforts to clean up damage left by days of rain. firefighters have been rushing to shovel mud out of homes. . we want to check in with sal and the roads. >> it's pretty quiet out there which is nice on this thursday before the new year. the traffic is moving along pretty well and almost all the pictures i'm going to show you on the east shore freeway, traffic looks good, if you are driving out to the bay bridge and onto the bridge be careful. it's windy on the span,
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westbound bay bridge, see traffic is light coming in to san francisco. this morning if you are driving on north and southbound 101, that traffic between san mateo is moving along well. sal, thank you. clear skies, cold out there. upper 20s for a few and temperatures at 20s and 30s, with 40s closer to the coast. in the area has a breeze. along the coast, higher elevation there is is wind. at the surface not much. temperatures have been allowed to plunge a little bit. headlines today talk about a clear day and then we will see clouds zip along the coast giving us a few light showers, hugging the coast. we will clear it out tonight, friday morning cold and clouds increase and it does look like, unless it slows down we will see rain, new year's eve in to new year's day. not a big system but going to make it there. it's going parallel to the coast. it could clip us like
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yesterday. we had a system come by then it was gone. today the wind is less of a factor unless you are on higher elevations of the cost. 43 san francisco. livermore at 29. sun and few clouds later on but overall partly sunny, mostly sunny, sunny to start. not very warm. 29, 45, partly sunny, partly cloudy at noon. clearing out again but low 50s for temperatures. zero tahoe. 18 reno. 31 sacramento. 37 redding. monterey 34. warm in sand san diego at 50. to the east it will clip off of us. the system, next system coming, low pressure system coming in and go to the coast and down to southern california by sunday, but that should be enough to give us clouds and rain friday in to saturday. today, sun and clouds, and maybe a few showers, along the
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coast. the cold air is in place it will be tough to budge. the days are getting slightly longer, not much. 6 minutes i believe. clouds increase and rain on saturday. to start off clear and cold in the morning with upper 20s to 30s and 40s. we will see the clouds come n mainly to the west. partly to mostly cloudy skies. breezy and chilly by this even eve. few mid-50s, oak lands 54. chilly cold day for many. sunny, clear, cold again, friday morning and clouds roll in, we will bring rain in friday, take it in to saturday, sundays looks okay. time is 7:12, fist, since mid 2008 the labor department has unexpectedly good news about people filing for unemployment benefits and we got more positive economic news pending on home sales. americans could be in for
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more pain at the pump. finger pointing in the wake of the snowstorm that paralyzed new york city. who the mayor says is partly to blame.
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insurance. down 34,000 from the week before and first time in two years the numbers dropped below what is considered important benchmark, 400 through. analysts say that -- 400,000s. analysts say that's because the numbers are volatile during the end of the holidays. the number of people who signed contracts to bay homes rose in
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november by 3.5%. that is the fourth increase since contract signings for home sales hit a low in june. signings were up in the west and northeast, down in the south and midwest. enjoy your drive to work this morning . it will cost more. a former executive for shell is warning gas prices could reach $5 a gallon by 2012. they are considering tacking on a new additional gas tax too. >> reporter: good morning. a pair of senators urging leaders to add 25 cents to each gallons of gas, a 25-cent gas tax to reduce the deficit and yen rate revenue to rebuild american roads. this proposal circulated before but it is circulating again in congress. the call for a 1 penny increase in the gas tax every month for 25 months. the money would be shuffled to new programs to repave and
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expands roads, build highways, new bridges and transit options too. supporter says it would create work, jobs and help reduce the deficit through economic recovery. >> people actually are willing to pay for transportation if they know what they are getting for their money. this is something that's been more and more true over the years about the federal transportation program is, nobody know what is it buys anymore. we need accountable program and be transparent, show people what they are getting for their money. >> there are economists warning that any rise in gas prices or a skyrocketing rise in oil prices could slow or stop america's economic recovery. time is 7:17. in bolivia, people taken to the streets for a second day in a row of protests over increase in the price of gas there of
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more than 70%. happened because the government abruptly ended gas subsidies that kept the price artificially low for 30 years. the president says it's necessary because many people were equipping cars and trucks with double tanks. buying gas in bolivia and crossing the border and selling it for profit. president obama must be injoing his hawaiian vacation, he is going to stay a day longer. the president and his family will now leave hawaii late monday evening arriving back in washington the following day. his daughters will miss two days of school because their school starts monday morning. the president is trying to squeeze in time with his family. the president has been golfing, playing basketball and touring around the island with friends and family. a million people will gather in times square for the new year's eve ball drop. every year police make changes
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to security. this year, manhole covers will be sealed and backpacks band. police set up metal pins to hold the crowds. snipers will be stationed on rooftops. officers will carry small radiation detecters. new york city met goal of plowing every street at least once by 7:00 a.m. this morning new york time following this week's crippling blizzard. the workers plan to continue to further clean the streets and then haul the snow away. the cleanup efforts follows angry reaction from residents to the delayed responds. michael bloomberg says residents are partly to blame. people were urged not to drive, yet some did and ended up abandoning their cars in the middle of the street complicating the snow removal process. in new jersey, newark mayor praised for his efforts. he has been helping to lift
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cars and shoveling driveways. he kept residents informed of what he was doing via twitter. progress reports were retweeted calling attention to the possible political impact of social networking. coming up how grandmother is remembered after killed in a freak accident. the only wildlife preserve. what caused the house fire in east bay? it claimed the life of a world war ii veteran. highway 4 is doing well. the road is dry on the ray up to concord. another commute check is straight ahead.
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. coast guard has resumed search for a boat missing near san diego. officials received a distressed call around 5:00 yesterday evening. the boat with one adult and three children on board was taking on water. the coast guard helicopter, two
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boats and several lifeguard units were called in before the search was suspended last night. there is a high surf advisory in the waters until tonight and high winds. we have an update on a story we told you about yesterday. a tree fell on a tent at the safari west wildlife reserve, a woman has been identified. she was reading to her 7-year- old granddaughter inside the tent when the tree came crashing down. her grandmother died on the scene. >> it was a very together woman, very much with it and very much enjoying herself. >> a father and son rushed to the tent and were able to help the 7 year-old girl. they were with 18 people from around the country who came as part of an organized trip for grandmothers and their grandchildren. contra costa county
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firefighters say it looks like electric blanket that caused a house fire climbing the life of a 85-year-old man he was found dead inside his home monday afternoon. the coroner has ruled brooks died from smoke inhalation. firefighters say there are precautions to take when using electric blankets. unplug the blanket when it's not in use. replace older models with newer ones and make sure your blankets have fail safe devices in the event of a short circuit. let's go to sal with an update on what has so far been a trouble free commute. >> it has been, we had a couple of problems out there. we have crashes but traffic is so light that with the accidents we haven't had slowdowns. let's go and take a look at highway 4. it's unusual that highway 4 is so light.
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here it's light in bay point. in the antioch area, down to two lanes there, it is light. 880 the same thing. oakland, the traffic is doing well here in front of oakland. the travel rush still on, a lot of people trying to get home, especially from the east coast. no major delays at the airports. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. clear skies, cold out there. in fact a few upper 20s, low 30s. looks like we are bouncing off the lows as we seen a couple of warmer temperatures compared to an hour ago. downtown oakland is 40 at the airport. it's a little chill for some. there is just a weak system coming right down, right there. it's going to parallel the coast. it might give a few light showers, coast and bay. 331 santa rosa napa. liver livermore was down.
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palo alto 32. san francisco at 43. zero up there in tahoe. that's cold. that's cold. 18 reno. 27 up in redding. our little system will give us partly cloudy skies. it will clear out. next system coming in for tomorrow and getting in to the picture, that will give us increasing clouds. cold morning, sun and clouds. showers on the coastal locations but i doubt anything will happen inland. a lot of low 50s to mid-50s for a few. clearing tonight, cold on friday, increasing clouds. light rain new year's eve in to saturday morning. it is 7:26. governor elect brown has harsh words for certain executives. what he says about their demand for an increase in their pension. hundreds of convicted drunk drivers have outstanding warrants. where law enforcement is attempting to track them down
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this morning. clues leading them to the toll robber. w t ileororr li irore
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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3 people died in a fire at an apartment building. it broke out before 2:00. three people that died are a man, a woman and a child.
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two women out of another apartment jumped out of a window. claudine wong will join us live in 30 minutes. she will have a live report on what started the fire. a car chase in san leandro ended with a fatal officer- involved shooting across the border in oakland. tara moriarty is live with details on exactly what happened. good morning. >> reporter: one mom is dead, another person wounded. both suspected car thieves. police tell us, oakland police are handling the investigation, but it was a san leandro police officer who pulled the trigger. oakland police say the chase started here, this is considered san leandro, but once you cross this intersection, it becomes oakland. it's only a couple of yards away. the couple was driving a stolen jaguar and led san leandro
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authorities on a brief chase around 10:30 last night. once they crossed the intersection of bancroft, it became oakland. witnesses say the jaguar skidded. you can see chalk marks outlining the path there with detectives traced it. it crashed in to a parked car. the suspect got out. officers surrounded them and gunfire erupted. we are told the female suspect was shot and killed by a male officer. the male suspect was also wounded but suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the most recent involved shooting, san francisco, yesterday afternoon, a 15-year- old girl called 911 and said she had been stabbed. with the officers fired shots at the suspect ill killing him. yesterday morning in san jose, there was another officer involved shooting on locust. officers shot a man trying to get away after a home invasion at a suspected marijuana
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growing house. that makes three officer- involved shootings in less than 24 hours. as far as this case, detectives wrapped up their investigation on scene about 3 hours ago. so we will bring you any new information but so far the names of the suspects have not been released neither has the name of is the san leandro police officer. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:32. this morning san jose police are looking for two teenagers who stabbed a man in front of a school. officers were called to mc lovelin and fair after 8:30 and found a 20 year-old man with multiple stab wounds. injuries are life threatening. police say the man was attacked by two teenagers between the ages of 17 and 19. south san francisco san francisco police are offering a
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$25,000 reward to find who is responsible for a fatal drive by shooting. three men died as a result. three other teens were wounded. police say knight over the survivors nor witnesss are cooperating with investigators. a hold up at a gas station maybe the break investigators need to solve a series of robberies at the bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza has been robbed 7 times the the past year and a half. investigators got a new lead. four miles down i-80 a shell gas station was robbed. a man with a ski mask walked in with a gun december 19th and demanded cash. the surveillance video showed a man investigators say matching the toll booth robber. >> the vellejo police department is conducting an investigation to see if there is a connection between our suspect and theirs. >> vellejo police and highway
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patrol are reviewing the video from the toll plaza and the gas station. large crowds expected to gather along embark darero, police will have a zero tolerance policy for public drinking. any containers and fireworks will be confiscated. police are warning against discharging guns in celebration which is against law. chp is investigating a fatal collision that happened on a dangerous road. just after 1:00 this morning a van and diesel truck collided on vasco road, outside of livermore. one person died but they are not releasing any information about the victim. the road was shut down for three hours while officers examined the scene. caltrain needs a tax or toll if it's going to survive according to business and transit leaders. they have operating budget of
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$100 million, but it's facing a $30 million deficit for the fiscal year that starts in july. caltrain is the only bay area transit agency that does not have a dedicateed and permanent source of funds. a series of meetings is planned for next month. governor elect jerry brown says 3 dozen highly paid executives who are demanding a raise in pensions are out of touch. they are threatening to sue unless they agree to increase mentions for those making more than $240,000 year. they say the pensions are overdue because they agreed in 99 to grant them.
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it is 7:35 right now. let's go to sal with a look at 280 and toll plazas. >> looking at the south bay. i think you should take a good look at the pictures and how light it is this week. it will not stay this way once everyone is pack after the holiday week. this is 280 and downtown. it's been a nice drive. we received a lot of emails and tweets. the general message is, even though i have to work it's begun been a great commute. it's worth working, almost. westbound bay bridge up to the toll plaza, looks good. if you are driving in fairfield, westbound interstate 80 looks good down to vellejo. bring your chains to the sierra, they are required on highway 50. 80 is open but that could change. let's go to steve. started off clear and cold this morning. temperatures upper 20s n the mountains temperatures below zero. tahoe came in at zero and
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truckee 2 below. sunshine here, little system kinds of coming right down the coast. possibility of few light showers. i would believe that would be for the coastal locations, other wise mostly sunny, chilly, cold today. cold friday morning. clouds increase. it looks like by friday night, in to saturday morning, there will be light rain. that's the way we see it. for tomorrow is there. that's going parallel to the coast. comes by. if you are inland you won't see anything. any time something drops out of the north you have to pay attention to it. at 30 concord livermore. 32 palo alto. 40s elsewhere. oakland airport 38. liver moor started at 29 this morning. cold one out there. temperatures will rebound a little bit. partly sunny, partly cloudy by noon. clear but low 50s by late this afternoon for a high. there is your zero in tahoe.
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20 redding. monterey 34. they had rip roaring weather in southern california yesterday. snow on the grapevine. wind gusted to 90 miles per hour near la yesterday. that same system we had impacted them. the cold air is in place which came in behind it. all this system zipping down the coast. keep an eye on this, system for tomorrow will bring us increasing clouds. it looks like lit make it with light rain and a weak system by late friday, saturday. today sun and clouds. that cold air will be tough to budge. days are rather short. that next system comes across a little bit warmer of a pattern on the next system. today that system coming down the coast, see how that goes parallel. right there along the san mateo, up along skyline, a few light showers. same for the santa cruz mountains. month ray peninsula later on.
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we will clear out tonight. tomorrow increasing clouds. this forecast model puts rain close us to by 6:00. in north baby 6:00 p.m. might be fast and overnight brings rain. snow in the mountains. this is a much weaker system. most will dive to southern california as we go to saturday and sunday. includes increase a little bit later. then a few showers near the coast. clearing tonight and cold. and then tomorrow we will see more of the same, the temperatures starting off 20s, 30s, and 40s. 40s to 50 by noon. clearing, breezy and chilly today with upper 40s, low 50s. mid-50s for others. 54 san jose. today, partly cloudy, partly sunny, tomorrow we start off sunny. clouds roll in. rain friday, saturday, sunday looks okay. there are several reports this morning that the 49ers will fill their general manager opening by promoting from
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within. haven't of player personnel said to be the likely choice. team president york is going to reach out the bill parcels to discuss bulky hired by parcels. if bulky is hired it would be the third time they hired a gm who does not have gm experience. metro dome in minneapolis will be closed through march. a blizzard dumped 2 feet of snow on the city. officials say at least 9 roof panels have to be replaced. several college and high school sports teams that use the metro dome's field are scrambling to find new accommodations. brett favre suffered a hit, this one off the football field. the 41 year old was fined 50,000 dollars by the nfl for not cooperating with an investigation of inappropriate conduct. investigators were trying to
7:41 am
determine if favre sent inappropriate messages and pictures to a female new york jets employee, in008. after nearly 3 months of interviews and forensic analysis, the nfl commissioner could not conclude he violated the personal conduct policy. this sunday could be the final game if he is recovered from a concussion he sustained in a game against chicago. earnings for blockbuster. we will tell you why the retail giant is claiming to close 200 stores nationwide. another app for the iphone, promises are made to people who already subscribe to skype.
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numbers bouncing around. light trading towards the end of the year. markets will be open tomorrow for the last day of the quarter. there has been a number of economic news coming out this morning. not so positive, especially the weekly unemployment benefits dropping for first time claims. the dow currently down 9 at 11,575. nasdaq down 2, sp down 1 and a half. it is 7:44. less than an hour ago the national association of realtors released home sales. the numb of people signing contracts to buy homes went up 3.5% last month. that beat expectations. that's the fourth increase since june when pending sales were at an all time low.
7:45 am
more homes were seized in the forecast process during the third quarter of this year. the number of completed foreclosures rose to 245,000 between july and december. that's an increase of 11% compared to previous quarter. a freemont woman faces charges related to a large nationwide insider trading scheme. federal authority say 43-year- old win fred geotipped off two portfolio managers about unannounced earnings of technology company companies she was given $200,000 during a two year period for her information. she is scheduled to appear at a federal court hearing on monday. officers from different departments are out in alameda attempting to serve hundreds of search warrants. jade hernandez is in livermore with details. >> reporter: crack down focuses on serving dui warrants. we followed two police officers
7:46 am
serving warrants this morning in this livermore neighborhood. we visited two addresses and came up empty but officers learned that the hospital where the suspects are looking for has been checked in. in a few moments they will look for the next suspect. earlier tracy handed out warts to be served over the next few hours. 1100 dui warrants in all were handed out to officers this morning to serve in the biggest enforcement crack down of the year. the county holds 6 of the events every year. 20 or so officers came here to alameda county sheriff's office of emergency services, they will head out to serve the warrants. 21 agencies are involved. last year 50 arrests were made out of hundred warrants. not ever warrant is served due to the person not being home. this is the fourth year for the stripe of enforcement event. the crack downs are held around holidays even near an event like the super pole to increase the chances of finding the
7:47 am
intended person home. >> a lot of the people that have the drunk driving warrants, that's just the tip of the iceberg, they have other more serious warrants and they really need to be apprehended. >> how successful do you call this crack down. when you knock on doors about 10%. if you leave a business card or talk to a neighbor, the numbers go up. they don't want you talking to neighbors. >> reporter: this is the squad car we have been following for the past half hour. the emphasis is to prove there are consequences to drinking and driving and failing to i a appear in court. blockbuster lost $42 million last month, that's despite taking in $142 million during the same time frame last year. report comes as part of the bankruptcy filing this week.
7:48 am
blockbuster announced plans to close 180 stores by next year. survey shows people are willing to pay for using the web. a third of people asked said they paid for digital music. the same members say they paid for software on line and one in five paid for mobile apps or applications for tap let computers or cell phones digital games, newspapers or magazine articles. media companys are trying to figure out what they can charge for on line materials without driving away users. skype is rolling out a new version of its free iphone app, the new edition released today, will let users make a receive video calls using wi-fi or at&t cellular network and allowing iphone 3g users and 4g users to make video calls to skype users. people with the latest touch can make calls over wi-fi. users pay if they make calls from pc to a landline or cell
7:49 am
phone. ford motor company is giving parents a new way to control what their teenage drivers are allowed to do. the auto maker is including new options on my key system for the 2011 model year. it allows up to 16 sirius satellite radio stations to be blocked. stern and other programs are on sirius. parents can set a maximum stereo volume as well as limit the top speed a car is allowed to travel. high rollers who like to gamble at by lagio -- bellagio is facing a deadline. this is surveillance video, possibly, maybe we don't have that surveillance video of the crime, bellagio is giving the public to april 22nd to exchange the chips for money to prevent the thieves from cashing in.
7:50 am
after that, they will be pricey souvenirs. the robber is wearing a motorcycle helmet. police have a warning for toyota drivers, the valuable items found on cars that is being targeted by thieves. >> the storm is prompting urgent action to save the apartment buildings. we'll be right back.
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livermore police are warning people about a string of car part thefts. they are taking cad lattic converters. there have been 13 reported thefts of car parts.
7:53 am
catalytic converts are required by law. it's easier to get a cab t number of taxi companies grown by 55% in the last four years. some owners started their own businesses but admit the newer cab companys are undercutting their business. the county is looking in to new taxi regulations. this week's storm caused another chunk of soil to give way under the vacant cliff side apartment buildings at pacifica. the city has been waiting for the building owners to stabilize the cliff but there has been a delay in funding. the city may take the project in to its own hands. engineers say the buildings are not in imminent danger of collapse. they estimate 30 or 40 feet of bluff would need the disappear
7:54 am
before they fall over. deadlines looms for the americas cup. san francisco chief competition says theywon be ready to -- won be ready to submit a bid. they won't have the bid done by tomorrow. organizers suppose odd to announce the host city tomorrow. unnamed italian city is vowing to host the cup. $237 million jackpot is up for grabs tomorrow. mega millions gone 14 weeks without a winner. jackpot amounts to a lump sum of $151 million. the largest mega millions was $390 million, that was march of 2007. mega millions is played in 41 states and washington dc. the numbers will be drawn tomorrow night. >> the odds of winning? >> getting struck by lightning. let's check in with sal right now. are you going to buy a mega
7:55 am
millions ticket. >> for a dollar it's worth talking about it. if you pay a dollar it's worth having the conversation with your buddy, guess what i'm going to do when i win the money. most of us have no chance of winning really. we have to commute to work. today, and this week has been okay driving out to the mc arthur maze and traffic looks good. no major problems. it's been windy on the bay area bridges. wind advisories up for some of them. it's died down a little bit. be careful when you are driving. the winds will get your attention as you drive on the bridges. this is a look at the east shore freeway. this commute looks good. a little bit of slowing on i-80 to the richmond bridge but nothing major. >> i have a chance. >> you do. clear, cold out. there 20s and 30s this morning. sunny for a while and a little system coming down.
7:56 am
this will go parallel to the coast. that could produce a few light showers, maybe not much. it is coming down the coast. there it is, right there. it's not a lot but that maybe enough to trigger a few showers in the next couple of hours. the cold air is in place. 30s and 40s, we had a few upper 20s this morning. very cold up in tahoe. i just heard from the boss. he says it's cold up there. 30s, 20s for many. that system will zip down, then we will be all right. tomorrow increasing clouds. cold in the morning, sun and clouds. showers hugging the coast. chilly highs. they will stay in the 50s. couple of locations, san francisco 54. or excuse me oakland 54. towards san jose, maybe a little bit warmer. not much. clear in the morning. new year's eve light rain. we will take that in to saturday. three people died in an early morning fire in an apartment building in oakland.
7:57 am
firefighters say what was the likely cause of the fire. what the government is reporting in the job market that hasn't happened in 2.5 years. is can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
7:58 am
a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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we have information about a deadly fire that took the live of a woman and a girl. a woman is shot to death by police in the east bay overnight. . desperate search for a snow board we are a medical condition missing in the sierra since tuesday. overnight cold temperatures create a dangerous situation for bay area drivers. the second hour of mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2, i'm tori campbell. >> i'm kraig debro. dave clark is off today. it is thursday, december 30th. we are following some developing news out of oakland. three people died in early morning fire at an apartment building. a fire broke out before 2:00 on
8:00 am
82nd avenue. claudine wong has learned from firefighters the possible cause of the fire. >> reporter: well, good morning craig. we just talked to a man who actually helped bring the 7- year-old girl who survived the fire to safety. that 7 year-old girl lived in the upstairs apartment. the man we talked to said the gentlemen who lived with her family got her out. he got her out and then came back and ran back up the stairs to the apartment to try to save her mother and 3 year sister. he died trying to save them. firefighters say when they got here they found he fire in the living room, but the fire flashed over in to the bedroom moments after they arrived. we the lirl little girl and 3 year-old sister and the man died in the fire. >> i'm going to take my cousin to work, okay, i see the fire
8:01 am
and the little girl is coming down from the stairs. she told me my mother and my sister is inside the house. i got scared. i took the girl out. i bring her to the house. i called 911. >> they were all unconscious and nonresponsive when we pulled them out. i'm going to assume we were overcome by the smoke. we do all the protocols and give them every chance we can but sometimes you can't bring them back. >> reporter: there were no smoke detecters in the building, nothing to alert the family to the fire. investigators telling us now pg&e shut off power to the apartment this month. >> what we found was the unit on the second floor, the electricity disconnected by pg&e december 2nd. extension cord run to another
8:02 am
unit, that's what the family was using for power. the building is bank owned. >> reporter: there are four units in the building. two other units were occupied at the time of the fire. in a back second floor unit a 59-year-old woman and her daughter used blankets to slide down and jump from the second floor to escape. tenants on the bottom floor weren't home. there is a unit where there is a family of four that not out safely and left the scene after learning about the fatalities. back out here live on the 1700 block, see the damage of what firefighters pulled out from this apartment. again, they said most of the damage was contained to the one apartment where the family was killed but truly a tragic situation out here. these are the first fire fatalities in oakland in 2010. time is 8:02. a patch of black ice is blamed for two accidents in vellejo,
8:03 am
we caught part on tape. patches on columbus, near lake herman road. it was reported after a red mustang drove over it and slid in to an embankment along the road. >> you got to drive careful. especially when you see any type of shiny or area that's wet. you have to be very careful. this area is currently known for people sliding all over the place. >> look at this, quite a coincidence, after the interview our photographer witnessed another car hitting the ice patch and videotaped it. the car slammed in to a pole first and slid along the road. the best thing to do when you hit black ice is let off the accelerator and avoid braking. in oakland a police investigation is now underway after a officer shot and killed a woman suspected of driving a stolen car. police say it started around 10:30 last night when they spotted to two car thieves in
8:04 am
san leandro. the suspects led police on a high speed chase that ended across the border in oakland. police opened fire on the suspects as they mentioned one of them died. the other was injured. san francisco police chief george is holding a meeting to discuss officer involved shooting. they were called to the scene of a party after a 15-year-old girl phoned police saying she was stabbed. police say when the suspect approached them, with what looked like a knife, two of the officers fired shots. the suspect later died, the two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending investigation. massive search is underway at this hour for a snow border missing since tuesday in its hope the clear weather in the area will help. ta-year-old shanty willis was seen near the boundary lines at the top of the alpine meadow
8:05 am
see resort. crews were brought in using infrared technology. she has spent two nights in the severe cold. shawnte is a intermediate level snow border who left the boundarys adding that's the last time her friend saw her. >> i think that her friends and her, the intent was to snow board down and circle back around. unfortunately that one the case. -- wasn't the case. >> willis had warm clothing and a helmet and basic knowledge of survival skills. her family is worried because she has epilepsy and stress can trigger an attack. five degrees a little while ago at the base, 40 searchers and 5 helicopters are part of the search. we will get the latest in a live report in a few minutes. about 19,000 bay area pg&e
8:06 am
customers lost electricity at one point yesterday but restoreed this morning. however, pg&e is dealing with a new outage, 470 customers are without power in the east bay, 450 are in the pittsburgh area. pg&e is investigating what caused the outage. today crews will clear the trunk of a 90 feet eucalyptus tree that fell on a ranch. it was knocked over by high winds and crashed in to the cab of a cattle truck. the driver was in the trailer part of the truck getting ready to load cattle and he was not hurt. los angeles area continues to be pounded by high winds this morning. they are expected to last until about noon t winds are hampering efforts to clean up damage left by days of rain. check out this person's house covered in mud. firefighters have been rushing to shovel mud out of people's
8:07 am
homes. acting governor wants president obama to declare the state a major disaster area. in case anyone is planning to head down there, there is probably road closures. as we go to sal, interstate 15 just re-opened for travel with highway california highway patrol escorts through the snowy month pass. -- mountain pass. we are looking at the commute today in the east bay, pretty much all over the place, we had some crashes but the traffic is lite. we haven't had a lot of slow downs. that's what most people care about. how is my route to work? highway 24 looks good. there no major problems, eastbound 80 decline section of the bridge, accident reported a little while ago. traffic is moving well on up thor and lower deck. windy on the bridge, windy on
8:08 am
the san mateo and dun martin bridge as well. few clouds along the coast from a weak system that's there. the forecast at a glance, sun and clouds, more along the coast or bay than inland. staying chilly tonight it will be clear and cold again. we will see increasing clouds throughout the day. it looks like late rain friday in to saturday from this system beginning to show itself right there. for today, there you go again, bad satellite image. right there is what we looking at. parallel to the coast. concord livermore, 29. 43 san francisco. san jose 34. livermore at 29 degrees with high of in the low 50s.
8:09 am
45 by around noon. that's it. cold up in the mountains. below zero truckee. zero tahoe. reno 20s. 30s or 40s down to southern california. system will march in here it's the one tomorrow there. you saw it before. thursday, starting off with sun and clouds. a few showers along the coast. not a big deal. likely a few sprinkles than anything else. next system works towards us. friday in to saturday, clouds and light rain. warmer system too. today, cold morning. sun and clouds slowly, towards the west, inland you may be mostly sunny. low to mid-50s on the temperatures. start off clear, cold friday. clouds late and looks like late rain friday in to saturday. we expect a better sunday. bap it is 8:09. the search for a missing boat with one adult and three children on board has just presumed off of the san diego
8:10 am
county coast. they radioed a distressed call yesterday afternoon from the 20- foot pleasure boat saying it was taking on water. the coast guard started a air and sea search in gail forced winds and 6 to 10-foot seas last night covering 274 nautical miles but found nothing. high waves and winds are expected to continue in to this afternoon. update on a story we told you about yesterday morning on the news. the woman who died tuesday night when a tree fell on her tent has been identified as alabama resident. the 70-year-old woman was reading to her 7 year-old granddaughter inside the tent when the tree came crashing down. the girl was not hurt. her grandmother died on the scene. >> it was -- she was a very together woman, very much with it and enjoying herself. >> the father and son staying next door rushed to the at the present time and were able to
8:11 am
help the 7-year-old girl. she was with a group of 18 people from around the country who came to safari west as part of a organized trip for grand mothers and grandchildren. an important release about unemployment. why things maybe looking up for people trying to find a job. the high price one expert says we maybe paying for gas. president obama makes executive decision about family holiday vacation in hawaii.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
clear and cold, 20s, 30s, 40s closer to the coast. mostly sunny now. we will see a few high clouds skirting the coast giving partly cloudy skies maybe a few showers. upper 40s, low 50s today. for the first time in more than 2 years, jobless claims fell below 400,000. 388,000 people were eligible for first time unemployment insurance last week. that's down 34,000 from the week before and it's the first time that number has dropped below the 400,000 benchmark since november of 2008. but analysts say that maybe because the numbers are especially volatile during the end of the year holidays. your drive to work could be more expensive soon, a former top executive for shell oil issued a dire prediction. he says gas prices could surge
8:15 am
to $5 a gallon by the end of next year. to make matters worse, washington is considering adding a gas tax. scott mc farland joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is tricky driving politically two senators asking leads to impose 25 crepe per gallon gas tax, raising 1 penny a month for 25 months. this type of idea surfaced in washington before. the outgoing chair of the house transportation committee suggested a gas tax increase saying it would be a huge generator of federal money. the proposals aren't to stockpile the cash but to use it to rebuild roads, highways, bridges airports, rail systems to improve the transportation system, create jobs and help reduce the deficit through economic recovery. >> people shown they would pay more in gas taxs if they knew that they had more
8:16 am
transportation options, smoother roads, bridges, if they saw the benefit of that money. >> reporter: president obama recent deficit commission also formally proposed a 15-cent per gallon gas tax increase but there are economists who warn rise in gas prices or oil prices could slow or stop america's economic recovery. it is 8:15. in bolivia people taken to the streets for a second day of protests over increase in the price of gas there, of more than 70%. the bolivian government ended sub subsidies that kept the price artificial low for 30 years. the president says it is a necessary move because people were equipping cars and trucks with double tanks buying gas
8:17 am
and crossing the border and selling it for a period of time. president obama is going to stay a day longer in hawaii. the white house says the president and his family will leave hawaii monday evening arriving in washington the following day. that means his daughters will miss two days of school because their school starts on mondays morning. spokesman says the president is trying to squeeze in time with his family. the president has been golfing, playing basketball and touring the island with family and friends. a bomb hidden on a parked motorcycle exploded in athens greece. nobody was hurt. cars were damaged and windows in the building shattered. the explosion occurred 40 minutes after a warning was telephoned through newspaper and tv stations. police evacuated the buildings. no immediate claim of responsibility but militant groups stepped up in the past two years. israeli president was convicted on two counts of
8:18 am
rape. the former president faces a minimum of four years in prison. he was found guilty of raping a an employee when he was the tourism minister. he was convicted of indecent acts and sexual harassment involving two women who worked for him after he became president in the year 2000. he denied the charges. in denmark authorities announced the arrest of five men accused of plotting an attack on the offices of a newspaper that published cartoons of the profit mohammad. the five men planned the storm the offices and shoot as many people as possible. one of the men has been released due to a lack of evidence. a danish official says that person remain as suspect. publishing the cartoons of mohammad in 2005, which critics say is blase mist to muslims.
8:19 am
the clean up efforts in new york follows angry reaction to the city's delayed response. the mayor says people were urged not to drive and some did anyway and abandoned cars complicating snow removal. newark's mayor is praised for efforts since the storm. booker has been helping to lift cars and shoveling driveways and kept residents informed of activities via twitter. they called attention to the possible lit call impact of social networking. there is less positive response to new jersey governor, christy, who has been out of touch basically on vacation in florida.
8:20 am
crews are clearing snow from time square where a million people will gather tomorrow night for new year's eve ball drop. police make changes to security every year. this year manhole covers will be sealed and backpacks banned. police set up metal pins to hold crow and get this snipers will be stationed on rooftops. officers will carry small radiation detecters and when they do that in new york the pins, the metal barricades, they do that so they don't have a big massive crowd so they can separate the crowds in to different sections. >> interesting. a bomb shell claim by prosecutors in the michael jackson death case. the doctor accused of the offense, the defense he is expected to use. if you are driving around the
8:21 am
bay area, things are getting better. there are still some advisories posted. w t ileororr li irore
8:22 am
8:23 am
autopsy on teena marie revealed no signs of trauma. they found no illegal drugs in the pasadena home where she
8:24 am
died. marie who was known as the ivory queen of soul was found dead by her daughter sunday at 54 years old. prosecutors say the doctor facing trial in the death of michael jackson will argue the pop singer committed suicide. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. defense attorneys say a large amount of propofol was found in jackson's body. but the doctor says he gave him 25-milligrams of the drug. there have been suggestions that he may have injected himself with more and died. a preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin january 4th next week. and his family come out denouncing the doctor for making the statements. let's go to sal checking bay area bridges. >> right now we are looking pretty good on the bay area bridges. looks like it's doing pretty well if you are driving on
8:25 am
westbound bay bridge. san mateo golden gate and richmond bridges, they lifted the wind advisories. they were up for the bay bridge and dun martin but they have been lifted. back to steve. mostly sunny, but cold this morning. upper 20s, low 30s, still temperatures hovering near the 30s for many. low 30s, especially towards the north bay. high clouds starting to work down the coast. could play in to the coastal locations today. it's a weak system. any time something drops down you have to mention it. overall inland will be mostly sunny. near the coast partly cloudy skies. cold air mass in place. we will struggle to warm up. 289 livermore, 31 an cord. -- concord. very cold up in the mountains. zero to below zero. 3 at bridgeport. they were down to 18 redding.
8:26 am
35 monterey. system that's coming in tomorrow is starting to work its way closer. it's going to give us increasing clouds and looks like rain friday in to saturday. cold this morning, sun and clouds coming down. maybe showers, hugging the coast. low 50s, mid-50s for a few. temperatures struggling to warm up past 54 or 55. sunny, clear, cold tomorrow morning. we will have increasing clouds. looks like light rain will play in to your new year's eve festivities and take rain in to saturday, clear out saturday night. sundays looks okay. a tragic early morning fire in oakland, three people including a child and two other people are hurt. what officials say led up to the accident. . i'm tara moriarty, live in san leandro, a police officer is involved in a deadly shooting. why are oakland police handling the investigation? the answer is coming up. why there maybe a different approach to save the cliff side apartment building as the gulf
8:27 am
below crumbles away.
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